Total Production
M.G. 14/28 Flat Rad
1926 to 1927

* Approximate numbers



Specification & prices for Flat Rad

Top speed: 65 mph
Prices new: 1926 season - 2-seater £345, 4-seater £360, Salonette £450 Prices included comprehensive insurance for one year. Flat Rad 14/28 – 2-seater £340, 4-seater £350, Salonette £475 14/40 Mark IV – 2-seater £335, 4-seater £340, Salonette £445 Featherweight Fabric Saloon (as Old Speckled Hen) £445
Engine: 4-cylinder side-valve.
Capacity: 1802cc. (Raworth-bodied cars 1548cc, 11.9 HP) 13.9 R.A.C. horsepower, producing approx. 40 BHP
Bore & stroke: 75mm x 102mm. (Raworth-bodied cars 69.5mm x 102mm)
Firing order: 1,3,4,2. Ignition: Lucas magneto.
Starter: Lucas Dynamotor – starter & dynamo combined in one unit, permanently driven by duplex chain running in an oil bath.
Lubrication: Plunger pump in sump operated by camshaft. Main bearings and camshaft gear pressure-fed. Big-ends & pistons lubricated by dippers on the connecting rods splashing in oil troughs.
Carburettors: 1.125” dia. S.U. on early cars, then Solex MHD 30 mm.
Cooling: Thermosyphon, fan assisted, but no water pump.
Gearbox: 3 speed & reverse, straight-cut gears. Central ball-change.
Clutch: 2 driven plates, lined with cork inserts, running in oil.
Transmission: Universal joint and prop-shaft enclosed by torque tube.
Final drive: Spiral bevel crown wheel & pinion. 4.42:1 (53/12) ratio.
Wheelbase: 9’ 0” (Raworth-bodied 1923 cars 8’ 6”)
Track: 4’ 0”
Brakes: 12” diameter on all 4 wheels (Raworth-bodied cars 9” dia.) (2-wheel brakes optional)
Handbrake operates an extra set of rear brake shoes.
Wheels: 3-stud artillery wheels with ‘Ace’ wheel discs 1925-season cars 3-stud wire wheels 1926-season cars
5-stud wire wheels on Flat Rad cars.
Tyres: 19” x 3½” Beaded edge tyres standard on Bullnose cars, well-based wheels & tyres an extra cost option, but discouraged. Well-based wheels & tyres standard on Flat Rad cars.


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