Like many long established things in life, details of past facts become less clear as time passes. This is very true in the "old car" world and unless activities and facts are committed to photographs, notes, publications and the like, much of the history can be lost as the passing of time takes its toll of those who were present and involved at the time.

For this reason, The Early M.G. Society, through its members, strives to gather all relevant information about Early M.G.s, to ensure the past is not lost and that it is properly recorded and stored for the future. We already have extensive records about these cars, but are always seeking to expand this whenever we can and fill any gaps in our knowledge. 

Do you have any old photos of Early M.G.s? If so, and if you are prepared to share them with us, please get in touch at info@earlymgsociety.co.uk.

Perhaps the fact that you are reading this, may indicate that you have more than just a passing interest in Early M.G.s.

We would therefore ask you to share with us any information you may have, or if you know someone who has or  know of a previous owner of one of these cars, please contact us via the link on the 'contact us page'.

Whatever your reason for taking the time to view this website, then we would be pleased to hear from you.

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